Transfers - optimise on fees

If you are one of those investors that like to put every cent to work, we've helped you out to find the optimal value to transfer to maximise your cash.

We charge 0.2% as the fee with a minimum fee of $4.00 (excl. GST) for an international transfer using EasyFX. The point up to where the minimum fee will be charged can be calculated like in the examples below:

USD$2200.00 x USD/AUD Exchange rate (AUD1.4030*) = AUD3086.60

*The rates used in the examples above are taken from the EasyEquities platform on 07/10/2020. For a more accurate amount please substitute the rate above with the current rate displayed on the EasyFX page

So in basic terms, any AUD amount transferred that is below the amount you calculated in the example will have a fee of $4.00 (excl. GST) and any AUD amount equal to or above the amount you calculated will have a fee of 0.2% + GST.

Remember that you can transfer any amount and this is just a guide to help you work out the optimal point where your fee is as little as possible compared to the total amount you are transferring.

Please note: the example above is for illustrative purposes only. The final fee you will be charged will be displayed to you one the EasyFX page of the EasyEquities platform before confirming any EasyFX transfer.

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